Balagne, a tourist region with a thousand facets

The Balagne is on the western northern part of Corsica, it is made up of about forty coastal villages or those perched high on the mountainside:

Avapessa, Belgodere, Calenzana, Calvi, Cateri, Corbara, Costa, Feliceto, Galeria with its small port, Ile Rousse, Lavatoggio, Lama, Lumio and the navy of Sant-Ambroggio with its small port, Manso, Mausoléo, Moncale, Montegrosso Montemaggiore and the hamlets of Cassano and Lunghignano, Monticello, Muro, Nessa, Novella, Occhiatana, Olmi Cappella, Palasca, Pigna, Pietralba, Pioggiola, Sant’Antonino, Santa Reparata di Balagna and the hamlets of Palmento and Occigliani, Speloncato, Vallica, Ville-di-Paraso, Zilia, and two medium-sized towns, Calvi and L’Ile Rousse.

The relief and the very varied topography of this part of the island offer magnificent views and landscapes in all seasons. This particularly fertile land has earned it the nickname “the garden of Corsica”.

The coastline is home to numerous fine sandy beaches and rocks in a succession of bays and capes. The Balagne is therefore full of numerous perched villages which surprise by their architectural and patrimonial diversity.

These beautiful villages will allow you to discover the authentic Corsica in all tranquillity. A real balcony on the sea, many villages are leaning against the mountain at an average altitude of 350 metres.

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Calvi, a must-see place in the Balagne region

Calvi is a small town of 5500 inhabitants, overhung by a 15th century Genoese citadel, situated in the middle of a large gulf bordered by mountains.

Calvi will charm you with its many assets:

All the charm of its citadel perched on its high ramparts overlooking its small port and offering magnificent views of the sea and the mountains.. Classified as a historical heritage site, the Citadel, its ramparts and the salt tower will transport you to the heart of the 15th century. And its mountain cirque surrounding its gulf.

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The Balagne region, a year-round holiday destination

The Balagne region offers many unmissable sites such as its villages, authentic territories The Balagne offers many sites not to be missed, such as its villages, authentic territories by the sea or perched on the mountains in the hinterland, which is prized by many craftsmen, and its magnificent beaches of fine sand or creeks of sand and rocks.


This region will also charm you with the beauty and character of its landscapes.

Ile Rousse is the second largest town in Balagne with 3500 inhabitants. Its name comes from the colour of the rocks of its famous islets. This town is located 24 km from Calvi.

A heavenly destination, Balagne enjoys a very mild climate where the sun shines most of the year. The vegetation is rich and varied, offering different colours in every season different colours.

From February onwards, nature changes with the flowering of the mimosas and almond trees, and the temperature begins to rise.

In April, the maquis is in full bloom and sea bathing is already possible but invigorating. May and June are magnificent, the smells of the countryside, the sea which is getting a few extra degrees every day so that we can spend hours in the crystal clear water in summer with the burning sun and a climate generally tempered by the breeze.

September, October: the air cools down little by little, the sea remains warm, the days start to get shorter.

Autumn is a surprise, we always have a second spring in Corsica.
Even in the middle of winter, the good weather is very present on Corsica.

There is sometimes the surprise of discovering snow on the coast, and there it is happiness for the families and the children because we benefit from these unique and fairy-like moments that nature offers us.

And so the cycle ends and starts again with the first buds in February…

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